Corporate & Groups

Together we can make a difference

Here at Journeyman we understand the value of great staff, and so we understand how important yours are to your business. Whether you are an international employer, or have staff on overseas assignments, finding the right insurance for your group is vital. And we're here to help you do just that.


For groups of 10 or more primary members we are able to offer additional and flexible benefits:

Medical History Disregarded

All group members with a pre-existing medical condition that is either on-going or requires follow-up treatment, will be covered for that condition from the inception of the policy.

No wait periods

Benefits like Routine Maternity often come with a 6-12 month waiting period, but our group members are able to utilise these benefits straight away.


All Journeyman policies have been designed and developed to suit the needs of those living and working abroad. However, we know that an ‘off the shelf’ policy is not always the best product for you. This is why multi-member groups are able to tailor their plans to best fit their needs and circumstances.

Levels of benefit

We offer 3 levels of cover from basic Inpatient Only treatment to a comprehensive package including Routine Maternity and Routine Check-ups.

Areas of cover

Choose Worldwide or Worldwide excluding USA, Canada.

Variable excess

You can choose to increase, decrease or even remove the standard policy excess (also referred to as a deductible).

Choice of medical benefits

Should different members require additional medical benefits, or certain benefits are not necessary for all members, you can vary both the level and area of cover from member to member.

Optional benefits

Add cover for Routine Dental, Travel Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Long Term Disability and Life Insurance.

To find out more contact us today and discover what Journeyman can do for you and your group.